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The Road to Victory

The Road to Victory

A trip to Eagles training camp with ASE ended up bringing so much more to the life of Liam than what he or his family ever expected.

In the summer of 2012 Liam was given the opportunity to attend an Eagles training camp with Access Sports.  Liam had always loved football and was thrilled with the opportunity he had to watch the practice and then be given the opportunity to meet a number of the players.  What a dream come true!

Liam was not only enamored by this opportunity; he was inspired.  He decided he wanted to play football.  A boy wanting to play football doesn’t seem too unusual.  However, for Liam’s family this was a moment of reckoning. 

When Liam was three years old, he had been diagnosed with ASD.  This caused many challenges along the way, especially with socialization.  Even though Liam had grown up in the same home his entire life, and had been given many life opportunities, the one important piece he was missing was friendship.

His parents decided they would allow him to play on the middle school football team, after discussing it with the coach.  After a few weeks of practice, the unexpected happened; Liam came home referring to a “friend” named Kyle.  For over 11 years those words are the ones Liam’s parents most longed to hear, their son had a friend. 

This friendship blossomed into multiple friendships which demonstrated kindness, compassion, loyalty and security.  These friendships continue to this day as the boys interact throughout their high school activities.  These friendships not only affected the boys, but their family and community as well.

On account of the inclusive environment the football team promoted, Access Sports Experiences awarded the Methacton High School Football Team the 2015 ASE Inclusion Award.  This sparked the interest of the Philadelphia Eagles and in the fall of 2015, “The Road to Victory”, written, produced and directed by the Philadelphia Eagles was broadcasted.

One event, one person, one experience lead to a life changing event; not only for a young man but a community.  This is what ACCESS SPORTS EXPERIENCES if all about.

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We are delighted to introduce our ASE Reporter, Joe Falchetta.

From time to time, Joe will report on an ASE event he has attended. Check out his beautifully written account of #EaglesTrainingCamp from last summer. Though Joe has Autism, there are clearly no limits to his success. So proud to have Joe on our ASE Team!

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