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July 20, 2014

Philadelphia Soul Game Through the Eyes of our Groups

Philadelphia Soul Game Through the Eyes of our Groups The members of Active Living for Persons with Aphasia were able to enjoy the Philadelphia Soul beat the San Jose SaberCats on July 20th with help from Access Sports and the Philadelphia Soul. There were two women who truly enjoyed the game, because as they both said, without the tickets that were given to them they would not have gone to the game. Patty and Carolyn are both members of an aphasia group from Temple University, which means both of them have suffered strokes, but does not prevent them from having a good time. As the Philadelphia Soul was dominating the game on Sunday, up in the stands was Patty, cheering for one of her favorite teams. Patty has been attending games through Access Sports for over three years. Her favorite part of going out to games is socializing with her friends. When she was asked about how she likes going to the games, she said it gives her, and the rest of the aphasia group the “Opportunity to do something we normally don’t do. Most of us wouldn’t be able to afford to do the things we are doing and as you can see we all love it!” Patty also said that she loves the atmosphere of attending games. Carolyn talked to us about why she likes Access Sports. She first found out about our organization a year ago when she joined the aphasia group, but this was only her second time attending a Soul game. Carolyn mentioned that after she suffered her stroke she felt uncomfortable going out, even if it was just to get groceries. Although now she enjoys going out again because she goes with the members of her group and is doing something fun. There was a sense of excitement in her voice when she smiled and said that she also found her voice by attending the games. She used to talk very softly and since she has been going out with her friends to the games and cheering on the teams she has been able to speak more loudly. She also loved that Access Sports had her volunteer at the Unlock the Experience Auction in May because she loves the Eagles and she was so happy that she could auction off the McNabb signed Fender guitar, but she wishes she had the winning bid. Fortunately for both these women, Access Sports has found them, because if they weren’t going to games Patty may have not ever had an Arena Football experience and Carolyn may have not found her voice so soon.